Bravery and Joy


Goodbye, 2015. You were full of challenges and surprises for me.

This year held terrible losses, along with moments of pure peace and beauty. 2015 was full of disappointments, moments of proud achievement, and plenty of opportunities to Let. Shit. Go.

2015 saw necessary goodbyes, and surprising hellos. It brought big changes, and also a return to me, with resolution and oh-so-many compromises along the way. It held plenty of anxiety, and, finally, a renewed sense of peace. Perhaps most importantly, 2015 saw the return of the sound of my own genuine, joyous laughter. I hadn’t even realized it had been missing until I found my way back to it.

This was a year full of bravery. And sorrow. And, in its own time, joy. So…so long, 2015, (and thanks for all the fish!)

Welcome, 2016. May you be full of bravery and joy.





So far January has been about taking big steps toward breaking through what’s left of the fallout of my marriage imploding so spectacularly a few months ago. The calm and quiet relative to the last few months is both a welcome, peaceful change of pace and also a bit unsettling. So I’m learning to live with the quiet again while I wait to see the results of the steps I’ve been taking. Someday I will trust the peace and quiet again, and finally be able to truly relax.

I’m so ready for the sun to finally, fully break through.

Protected Posts

Sometimes I’m going to have to password protect posts here. Possibly most of the time, for right now at least. It’s not to keep you out, internet. Otherwise I would just be writing in an old-fashioned journal until my hand falls asleep. Please do contact me for the password, and I will happily send it your way. Reasons for password-protection will be evident once you’ve read the posts, I promise.